FoxPC idea was born in 2020 at our Fontana store. After opening in 2017 as a computer service center named CompuCell we saw an increased demand for high quality and high performance PCs. The owner has been building and working on computers since 2001 and as a team – CompuCell has over 30 years of combined experience. Over the years we have built, upgraded and repaired 1000s of computers. We always heard complaints and saw with our own eyes the issues with other PCs that our clients brought in, be it poor assembly quality, low quality components or simply mismatched parts – this demonstrated the reason for the bad reputation a lot of pre-built systems get so we decided that we will build our computers based on quality before price.

We start by matching components – no low end motherboards or cheap power supplies on high end processors and GPUs to cut costs. No generic cooling solutions that will cause throttling. No cheap SSDs to make a few extra bucks. Before offering a computer we ask the customer what he needs the computer for to understand his/her needs better and to tailor the PC to their needs. We take take time to build each PC correctly and stress test each computer before delivery to make sure that performance, thermals and stability are up to standard. Our computers are not the cheapest but you do get a better computer, service and subsequently experience.

We back our computers by warranty through our store so if you have issues you can just bring the PC in and we will take care of it quickly – no waiting weeks and months for RMA process, no unanswered e-mails, no hoops to jump through.

See our reviews on Google and come experience us for yourself. If you have questions we will be glad to answer them too.